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Disable Local Stylesheets in Internet Explorer (All Windows)
Internet Explorer includes an option to load a local stylesheet to set browser based preferences for web page styles. This feature can be exploited by unauthorized programs to implement unrequested popups and malicious tracking of user activity. This tweak allows you to disable local stylesheets.

Internet Explorer Toolbar Restrictions (All Windows)
These restrictions allow you to selectively control which toolbars are available in Internet Explorer, including the Address, Tool and Links bars.

Restrict Import and Export of Internet Explorer Settings (All Windows)
This restriction can be used to disable the import and export of Internet Explorer cookies and favorites. When users utilize the "Import and Export" wizard on the File menu they will be shown a message when clicking "Finish".

Disable Password Caching in Internet Explorer (All Windows)
When you attempt to view a password-protected site, you are normally prompted to type your username and password with an option to "Save this password in your password list". This tweak can be used to disable the ability for users to save passwords.

Internet Explorer Restrictions (All Windows) Popular
These settings and restrictions allow you to selectively control a range of features available in Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and 6.

Restrict ActiveX Applets in Internet Explorer (All Windows)
This tweak allows you to stop specific ActiveX controls from running in Internet Explorer. When the "kill bit" is set the specified ActiveX control will never be called or shown by Internet Explorer.

Empty Temporary Internet Files on Exit (All Windows)
This setting controls whether Internet Explorer should delete all of the temporary Internet files stored during the session when the browser is closed.

Clear the Internet Explorer Typed Address History (All Windows) Popular
Internet Explorer caches any URLs that are typed into the address bar. This may become a privacy issue on a shared computer, or a nuisance if there is a particular URL you want to remove without clearing the whole history.

Disable Caching of Secure Web Pages (All Windows)
This setting controls whether web pages encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) should be stored on the hard disk in the temporary Internet cache.

Use System-based Internet Restrictions (All Windows)
Internet restrictions are normally dynamically loaded for each user, therefore settings for one user do not affect the settings of another. This tweak forces Windows to use the local machine settings rather than those of the current user.

Content Advisor Restrictions (All Windows)
These settings allow you to control the Content Advisor feature of Internet Explorer. Including the option to disable Content Advisor, require a supervisor password and view unrated content.

Remove the Content Advisor and Ratings Password (All Windows) Popular
If you have forgotten the Internet Explorer content advisor password and want to change the ratings settings then follow these instructions to change the settings back to their defaults.

Disable Save As Web Page Complete (All Windows)
This restriction disables the ability to save complete web pages including images, scripts, linked files and other elements in Internet Explorer.

Disable the Ability to Customize Toolbars (All Windows)
By right clicking on a toolbar you are usually given the option to Customize, which allows you to change which functions are available from the toolbar. This tweak allows you to disable that function.

Remove the Option to Change or Hide Toolbars (All Windows)
By default users are able to select which toolbars are displayed either be right clicking the toolbar itself, or by changing the options from the View menu. This tweak locks the toolbars, removing the ability to change which are displayed.

Internet Explorer Help Menu Restrictions (All Windows)
The menu items with the Internet Explorer "Help" menu can be individually removed or the menu disabled completely using this tweak.

Disable File Download in Internet Explorer (All Windows)
This setting allows you to restrict the ability to download files using Internet Explorer.

Disable Access to File URLs in Internet Explorer (All Windows)
Normally you can use the Internet Explorer address bar to access standard files and folders. This setting disables that functionality and only allows access to Internet URLs.

Internet Explorer Control Panel Restrictions (Part 1) (All Windows) Popular
These tweaks allows you to control access to the Internet Explorer setup and control panel functions (found under Tools -> Internet Options).

Internet Explorer Control Panel Restrictions (Part 2) (All Windows) Popular
The features available within the Internet Explorer control panel (Tools -> Internet Options) can be individually managed and disabled using this tweak.

Restrict Web Sites from Installing Software (All Windows)
These restrictions allow you to block unwanted web sites from downloading software onto your system. This can be useful in disabling the installation of some common "cursor" programs.

Block Comet Cursor (All Windows)
These settings allow you to block the installation of the Comet Cursor program which is sometimes installed automatically as an ActiveX control.

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