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Internet Explorer Appearance Enhancements

Network and ConnectionsNetwork and Connections
Internet Explorer Network Settings

Search FeaturesSearch Features
Internet Explorer Search Enhancements

Internet Explorer Security Restrictions

Disable the Internet Explorer HTML Source Editor Check (All Windows)
Internet Explorer will normally attempt to detect the program originally used to create a HTML document and modify the "Edit" option to use the same program for future editing. This tweak can be used to enable or disable the checking.

Open Internet Explorer Shortcuts in a New Window (All Windows)
This setting controls whether Internet shortcuts are opened in an existing available Internet Explorer window or whether a new window should be spawned.

Hide Links Folder on Favorites Menu (All Windows)
Internet Explorer persistently creates a Links folder on the Favorites menu, this tweak allows you to remove it.

View Source Not Working in Internet Explorer (All Windows)
When you attempt to view the source HTML of a web page in Internet Explorer it may not be displayed for several reasons. This article describes some of the common causes of this problem.

Change the Download Location for ActiveX Files (All Windows)
This tweak allows you to change the default folder to which ActiveX files are installed when you download an ActiveX control. The default path of this folder is "Windows\Downloaded Program Files."

Open TIF Images with Internet Explorer (All Windows)
When you click a link to download a Tagged Information File Format (TIFF) image from a Web site, the Open button in the File Download dialog box may be disabled. This tweak allows you to open the file using Internet Explorer.

Show My Pictures Toolbar in Internet Explorer (All Windows)
When displaying an image in Internet Explorer a floating toolbar is shown that allows you to Save, Print, E-mail or Open the My Pictures folder. This setting allows you to hide the toolbar.

Manage Partial Address Feature in Internet Explorer (All Windows)
The Internet Explorer partial address feature, scans common domains for a match to a keyword entered in the Address bar. The feature is limited by default to searching only .COM, .NET, .ORG and .EDU domains. This tip allows you to add new domains and modify their priorities.

Change the Auto Complete Mode (All Windows) Popular
This setting controls whether the automatic text completion (AutoComplete) feature of Windows Explorer appends the suggested text to the words as you are typing as well as showing a drop-down list of available values.

Force Plain Text Format in Internet Explorer (All Windows)
Internet Explorer may not use the "Text/Plain" Content-Type header field to properly open a text file on a Web site. This setting forces IE to treat those files as text files.

Launch Browser Windows in a Separate Process (All Windows)
This setting specifies whether a new process is created for each instance of Internet Explorer that you start. This can prevent one instance of Explorer from affecting other instances if it stops responding.

Hide the Internet Explorer Icon (All Windows)
This option hides the Internet Explorer icon from the Windows desktop.

Remove Windows Messenger from Internet Explorer (All Windows)
This tweak can be used to remove the integration of Windows Messenger into Internet Explorer. It will remove both the toolbar icon and Tools menu item.

Control the Internet Explorer Script Debugger (All Windows)
When an Internet Explorer detects an error on a page it has the ability to launch a script debugger to diagnose the problem. This setting controls the use of the Internet Explorer script debugging functions.

Use an Alternate Source Viewer with Internet Explorer (All Windows)
By default when you use the View Source feature of Internet Explorer it launches Windows notepad as the text editor. This tweak lets you choose which editor to use.

Check for Internet Explorer Updates (All Windows)
Internet Explorer 5 and higher has the ability to automatically check for software updates. This tweak controls that feature.

Internet Explorer Intercepts the FTP Command (All Windows)
When you enter a FTP command such as "FTP ftp.microsoft.com" Internet Explorer may launch instead of the DOS based FTP program.

Specify the Default Internet Explorer Download Directory (All Windows)
This setting is used to specify which directory should be used as the default location to save downloaded files retrieved using Internet Explorer.

Disable Internet Explorer Download Notification (All Windows)
This setting is used to disable download completion notification in Internet Explorer.

Specify the Location of the Online Support Site (All Windows)
When a user selects "Online Support" from the Internet Explorer help menu they are usually redirected to a Microsoft web page. This tweak allows you to specify an alternate URL and web site.

Change the Internet Explorer Navigation Sound
When you start navigating a web site with Internet Explorer it plays a WAV file, by default a click sound. This setting lets you change or remove that sound.

Add a Menu Option to Open Shortcuts in a New Window (All Windows)
This tweak adds a right-click menu option to enable you to open Internet shortcuts in a new Explorer window.

Control Internet Explorer Error Reporting (All Windows)
This setting allows you to control whether the error reporting tool, which reports browser debugging errors to Microsoft, is active in Internet Explorer 6.0.

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