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Windows Explorer Search Features Enhancements

Change Drive Name and Icon (All Windows) Popular
This tweak allows you to change the name and icon shown in Explorer for a specific drive letter.

Change Sort Order in Windows Explorer (All Windows)
Windows XP introduced a different ordering method when sorting numeric file listings in Windows Explorer. Instead of sorting character-by-character in the file name, any numeric string is now handled as a number.

Remove GoTo Option on Explorer Menu (Windows NT/2000)
This restriction can be used to remove the the GoTo menu from Tools in Explorer.

Restore Folder Windows at Startup (Windows XP)
This option controls whether Windows will attempt to re-open any folders that were already open when the system was last shutdown.

Remove Shared Documents from My Computer (Windows XP)
The Shared Documents folder allows users to easily share files and folders over a network. This restriction will remove the "Shared Documents" object from My Computer.

Speed-up Access to AVI Media Files (Windows XP)
Windows XP can run slowly when attempting to access a folder that contains a large number of AVI (Audio Video Interleave) media files. This tweak speeds the process up by stopping Windows from extracting file information from AVIs.

Add a Menu Option to Move or Copy to a Folder (All Windows)
This tweak allows you to easily move and copy files and folders by adding two new right-click menu options to "Move To Folder..." and "Copy To Folder...". Simply highlight the file, right-click the option and select the destination folder.

Change the Auto Complete Mode (All Windows) Popular
This setting controls whether the automatic text completion (AutoComplete) feature of Windows Explorer appends the suggested text to the words as you are typing as well as showing a drop-down list of available values.

Show Hidden Operating System Files (All Windows)
This setting controls whether the normally hidden operating system files should be displayed when using explorer to browse the file system.

Show Encryption Commands on the Shortcut Menu (Windows 2000/XP)
You may find it easier to use the Encrypting File System (EFS) by placing "Encrypt" and "Decrypt" commands on the Windows Explorer context menu when a file is right-clicked with the mouse.

Show Programs in the Open With Selection Box (All Windows)
This setting allows you to decide which programs are listed in "Open With" dialog box which is shown when an unknown file type is opened.

Change Program and Common Files Directory (All Windows)
This tweak allows you to change the directory used as the default location for software applications and shared files.

Launch Folder Windows in a Separate Process (All Windows)
This setting controls whether each folder window is launched as a separate explorer task. The benefit of this method is that if one window has an error and crashes the others should be not be affected. The disadvantage is that it takes more system resources for each folder.

Show or Hide "Open With" Program Checkbox (All Windows)
This setting allows you to control whether the checkbox to save the "Open With" program is available when an unknown file type is opened.

Automatically Expand Folders in Explorer (All Windows)
When using Windows Explorer the selected folder is automatically expanded in the left-hand folder list. This setting allows you to control that functionality.

Specify Unknown File Type Options (All Windows)
These settings allow you to specify a description and the application to launch to view files with an unknown extension.

Show "Send to" Context Menu (All Windows)
This setting allows you to control whether the "Send to" context menu is displayed when a file or directory object is right-clicked in Explorer.

Disable the Thumbnail Cache (Windows XP)
This setting is used to stop explorer from caching thumbnail pictures and instead refresh any images every time a folder is opened.

Show Attributes Column in Explorer (Windows 98/Me/2000/XP)
If you like to view your files using the detailed view option you may have noticed that the attributes column has disappeared. With the introduction of Windows 98 it was removed by default, this tweak adds it back.

Add Explore From Here to Every Folder (All Windows)
When you right click on any folder this will give you an option to Explore From Here, which will open up an Explorer window of that folder.

Show Hidden Folders and Files (All Windows)
This setting controls whether hidden files and folders are displayed in explorer when browsing the file system.

Disable Compressed Folders (Windows Me/XP)
Windows Me and XP include a built-in feature to manage compressed ZIP files and folders. This tweak allows you to disable it and install a third-party application.

Removing Item Types from the New Menu (All Windows)
When you right-click on your desktop or other selected applications there is a New sub-menu which contains a list a default templates. This list can be modified to include only the templates you want.

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